Assessing road criticality and loss of healthcare accessibility during floods: the case of Cyclone Idai, Mozambique 2019

Gezeigtes Bild: Straßennetzwerkanalyse für die Fahrprofile. A Normale Verhältnisse vor dem Flutereignis. B Entwicklung des Scores nach den Überschwemmungen durch den Zyklon Idai. Die untere Reihe zeigt eine Nahaufnahme des Gebiets um die Stadt Dondo. Die Fähigkeit der Katastrophenhilfe, -vorsorge und -begrenzung, den Verlust … Read More

Job Opening for Postdoc / Senior Researcher on OpenStreetMap Road Quality Analysis

Wenn Sie gerade nach einem Job suchen oder jemanden wissen, der auf der Suche ist, schauen Sie sich dieses interessante Jobangebot unserer Partner bei GIScience an. Das Jobangebot finden Sie unten! Sie sind daran interessiert Methoden zum Analysieren & Verbessern … Read More

Automatic mapping of national surface water with OpenStreetMap and Sentinel-2 MSI data using deep learning

Large-scale mapping activities can benefit from the vastly increasing availability of earth observation (EO) data, especially when combined with volunteered geographical information (VGI) using machine learning (ML). High-resolution maps of inland surface water bodies are important for water supply and … Read More

New publication on the Impact of Community Happenings in OpenStreetMap

Online knowledge projects such as OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Wikipedia have gained high importance, trust and even economic value. These projects and their content are maintained and enhanced by online communities that evolve around them. Yet, these communities and their members … Read More

GIScience/HeiGIT at GeOnG Conference 2020

Next week the biennial conference GeOnG will take place for the seventh time. On Monday and Tuesday 11/02-11/03 participants will join in over 30 live sessions around the topics of technology and information management in the humanitarian and development sector. … Read More

Contiguous high resolution OSMlanduse map of the European Union by combining Copernicus data and OpenStreetMap

Find here a new update of the map. By injecting known tags provided by OpenStreetMap (OSM) into a remote sensing feature space using deep learning, tags were predicted when absent thus creating a contiguous map – initially for the … Read More

Detecting OSM Building Facades with Graffiti Artwork Based on Street View Images and Social Media using Deep Learning

As a recognized type of art, graffiti is a cultural asset and an important aspect of a city’s aesthetics. As such, graffiti is associated with social and commercial vibrancy and is known to attract tourists. However, positional uncertainty and incompleteness … Read More