OSHDB: a framework for spatio-temporal analysis of OpenStreetMap history data

Earlier we published several blogposts introducing the ohsome platform and its parts (e.g. the ohsome API for example, which was often showcased here in the blog) and its backbone the OSHDB (very recently version 0.5 was published). A recent open … Read More

OpenStreetMap History Database – version 0.5

The OpenStreetMap History Database (OSHDB) is what powers most of the functionality of HeiGIT’s ohsome platform. The ohsome API for example, which was often showcased here in the blog, is built on top of the OSHDB. Just recently, an open … Read More

OpenStreetMap history explorer – ohsomeHeX published

The exploration of the history of OpenStreetMap data presents an important step to uncover semantic connections, regions of interest and their contiguity in time and space at varying scales. Therefore, the HeiGIT Big Spatial Data Analytics team presents a first … Read More

HeiGIT is starting to move into Mathematikon

Recently the first few members of the Navigation Intelligence and Location Based Services group of the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) – which is currently being established based on core funding from the Klaus-Tschira Foundation Heidelberg – moved into … Read More