2nd Call for Papers: special issue of Transactions in GIS on “Geographical and Cultural Aspects of Geo-Information – Issues and Solutions” (+ workshop proceedings are online)

Last June, colleagues from the GIScience group – Dr. Tessio Novack, Dr. Michael Schultz and Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf – together with Dr. Peter Mooney (Maynooth University, Ireland) and Dr. Yair Grinberger (The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel) have organized a workshop on “The Geographical and Cultural Aspects of Geo-Information: Issues and Solutions (GeoCultGIS)” as part of the AGILE 2019 conference in Limassol. The proceedings of this workshop are now freely available online, including an introduction from the organizers and interesting contributions on topics such as the institutional contexts of volunteered geographic information, the representation of urban green spaces in OpenStreetMap, and the spatial signatures of street types in relation to place types.

We remind you that a special issue of Transactions in GIS, based on the workshop’s theme, is currently being organized by Dr. Novack, Dr. Schultz, Prof. Dr. Zipf, and Dr. Grinberger. We are welcoming high-quality contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics:

  • The formalization of geo-cultural contexts within GIScience methods
  • Representation of geo-cultural contexts with GISystems
  • Identifying geo-cultural effects on geo-information and vice versa
  • Methodological developments in analyzing global heterogeneous datasets
  • Geo-ontologies and their relations to culture and geography
  • The application of machine-learning methods across diverse geo-cultural contexts
  • Integration of data production procedures in methodological developments and applications
  • The transferability of GIScience methods over different contexts
  • Volunteered geographical information (e.g. OpenStreetMap) systems and methods for representing and capturing local knowledge
  • Critical GIS, critiques of GIS, and their contributions to methodological development in GIScience
  • Review of the state-of-the-art in addressing cultural and geographical peculiarities in GIScience.

The submission deadline is 15 January 2020.

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with ​the authors’ guidelines​ and submitted via the journal’s submission system. Please mark your manuscript as part of the special issue while submitting. All submissions will go through a ​peer-review​ process, in accordance with the regular requirements of Transactions in GIS. Questions and inquiries should be addressed to Dr. Tessio Novack: ​novack@uni-heidelberg.de

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