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Focus Areas

Smart Location-based Services and Navigation

Every individual user and every region pose unique challenges to mobility solutions. To meet these demands, we develop individual routing and navigation services. Our web applications and APIs utilize the large resource of free, user-generated OpenStreetMap data, and serve a multitude of applications throughout the world.

Geoinformation for Humanitarian Aid

User-generated spatial data are becoming ever more important for efficient crisis management. We closely cooperate with international relief organizations to develop solutions and services for supporting humanitarian missions on the basis of data such as those provided by the OpenStreetMap project or the Social Web.

Big Spatial Data Analytics


We live in a geodata age: vast amounts of spatial information are created and updated every day. Our services and tools provide means for improved understanding of these heterogeneous Web 2.0 data. We utilize spatial data mining and machine learning techniques to analyze, process, enrich, and visualize such data.

About us

The project of establishing the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT), located at the Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University, is chaired by Prof. Alexander Zipf. Our objective is to improve knowledge and technology transfer from the fundamental geoinformatic research to practical applications.

We closely cooperate with the academic staff of the GIScience Research Group, Heidelberg University. This cooperation enables us to implement innovative state-of-the-art solutions, incorporating cutting-edge knowledge and technology from both academic research and real-life technology. We invite you to benefit from the synergies of research and development, achieving trailblazing results of internationally acclaimed quality.


This link will take you to an overview listing all our academic articles: Publications (GIScience).


The HeiGIT is core-funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS).