Do you need a shady route because it is too hot?

So it seems, we need to repeat an updated version of a Blogpost from exactly one year ago:

You are looking for a more shady pedestrian route through the urban jungle? You might then prefer some routes that go through public green spaces with shady trees and bushes. Thank goodness we are working on such green and also shady routing together with several partners in the mFund project meinGrün. GIScienceHD/HeiGIT have already some multi-criteria routing prototypes related to e.g. green routing preferring vegetated areas using OpenStreetMap data and other sources, but also on routes avoiding noise and preferring social activities.

Also the dedicated shady route” feature will soon be released for Heidelberg and Dresden in the meinGrün App as an additional routing criteria based on openrouteservice. It considers shade provided by trees and also high buildings.

Hope you enjoy the detours. Stay cool!

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