HEAL Project Takes Center at the 17th Rhine-Neckar Modelling Day at Heidelberg University

The 17th Rhine-Neckar Modellierungstag (Modelling Day) at Heidelberg University will take place on June 13, focusing on the themes of optimization and sustainability. The event is organized by the Graduate School HGS MathComp in cooperation with the City of Heidelberg and with the generous support of hei_INNOVATION.

This networking event brings together experts and scientists to explore trends in model-based research and development from various perspectives. This exchange of ideas fosters potential future collaborations between academia and industry, facilitating the direct application of research findings to process optimization and the intelligent use of resources.

Models form the basis for quantitative decisions: analysis, improvement and optimization are grounded in mathematical representations of our environment. The connection between optimization and sustainability is clearly evident in the efficient use of resources and the reduction of environmental pollution, enabling the development of long-term, sustainable solutions. At the Modeling Day, speakers from the university and its partner institutes and companies will present research on energy supply, logistics, and heat stress prevention.

As part of the event, Professor Alexander Zipf will present the HEAL project with a talk titled „HEAL – Heat-Optimized Route Planning by Means of Modelling“. This project aims to provide information and adaptation strategies regarding heat stress, particularly focusing on enabling heat-adapted mobility for at-risk populations through an app. Utilizing near-real-time sensor data, the routing application can calculate paths with reduced heat stress. The project will leverage this data to identify and model areas with heightened heat stress, developing statistical prediction models based on the sensor data and existing climate analysis maps. The results will inform navigation along shaded routes, and the processed information will be available via an interactive application, as well as through analog materials and maps. This initiative aims to expand the knowledge base on the effects of heat events on vulnerable groups within the Heidelberg area and to research and implement individual adaptation strategies. Additionally, it seeks to develop administrative measures in collaboration with the city administration.

We are looking forward to exchange our experience at the 17th Rhine-Neckar Modelling Day.

Date: June 13, 2024

Start: 14:00, check-in: from 13:30

Venue: Mathematikon, 5th floor, Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, 69120 Heidelberg

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