HeiGIT at the 11th Global Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action

In October 2023, the 11th Global Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action will take place as a hybrid event in Berlin, allowing for people to attend either in person or online (register here). Under this year’s main theme “People at the centre: scaling up anticipatory action”, the platform offers a plethora of workshops and discussion sessions about the further improvement of anticipatory humanitarian action, going from October 10th-12th.

On October 11th, 15:15 CEST, HeiGIT Research Associate Alec Schulze-Eckel will speak at the workshop “The ‘data guardians’ game for anticipatory early action”, along with Gal Agmon from the Netherlands Red Cross and the 510 Data Team, Karen Dall from the German Red Cross and Zeeshan Mahr from Oxfam. During the workshop, four groups assume the roles of government-decision makers being tasked with the improvement of their data collection and analysis capabilites by investing in different governmental agencies. Then, the groups will have to manage a hypothetical flood scenario only with the information and data of the agencies they have invested in. This hands on approach helps understanding the significance of data in the decision-making process for anticipatory action.

Here you’ll find the agenda of the Global Dialogue Platform for more information on each workshop and discussion session.

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