Participate in the virtual Copernikus Hackathon 16-17-18 October! HeiGIT contributes with OSM based services

On October 16-18 there is the Copernicus Hackathon “Barcelona” – Integrating Copernicus services and state-of-the-art tools within Weather-induced emergency management HeiGIT is involved in the Copernicus Hackathon by providing free and open web-based services and APIs which leverage OpenStreetMap data … Read More

HeiGIT presentation at MSF GIS Week 2020

This Thursday, team members from HeiGIT will give a presentation at MSF’s Annual GIS Week. This is an internal event at MSF ( Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International, Doctors without Borders), which brings together all employees working on GIS and … Read More

Improved Isochrone Calculation released in openrouteservice v6.3.0

With the release of openrouteservice v6.3.0 at HeiGIT, we are presenting a new and improved speed-up technique that makes it possible to calculate much larger isochrones than with the existing algorithm. An isochrone is an area on the map that … Read More

Disy integriert openrouteservice in Cadenza

Das Karlsruher Softwareunternehmen Disy Informationssysteme GmbH stellt die neue Version der Data-Analytics-, Reporting- und GIS-Plattform “Cadenza” vor. Die Erweiterung der Analytics-Funktionalitäten mit der Bereitstellung einer integrierten Routingfunktion und der POI-Suche sind zwei der wesentlichen Neuerungen. Realisiert wurde das Routing in … Read More

Long Distance Bike and Foot Routing With Restrictions released in ORS Version 6.2.1

After the latest update of openrouteservice to v6.2.1, we are pleased to announce that it is now possible to calculate long distance routes using all bike and pedestrian profiles whilst taking into account of restrictions such as avoiding ferries. Previously, … Read More

Setting maximum speed is back in openrouteservice

Recently openrouteservice has been updated to version 6.2 which has brought some pretty useful features to routing. One of the main “new” features is the re-introducing of the maximum_speed parameter where users can set the maximum speed their vehicle can … Read More

A revamped ORS map client to celebrate the 16th OpenStreetMap anniversary

#OpenStreetMap is turning 16! Happy Birthday from the HeiGIT team. After 16 years OSM is a reference of collaborative work and how we can give our best to create and maintain global, free and multipurpose projects that bring benefits to … Read More

Do you need a shady route because it is too hot?

IT IS REALLY HOT! Again! So it seems, we need to repeat an updated version of a Blogpost from exactly one year ago: You are looking for a more shady pedestrian route through the urban jungle? You might then prefer … Read More

Karlsruhe relies on openrouteservice – ESRI client plugin developed

Since some time the City of Karlsruhe uses the API of Openrouteservice (ORS) by HeiGIT for routing of pedestrians, bicycles and cars in the new online city plan and the citizen GIS app for the general public, i.e. the citizens … Read More

Quiet route planning for pedestrians in traffic noise polluted environments

#Noise #pollution is one of the main stressors in urban environments, having negative impacts on people’s quality of life and health. For some groups of citizens, such as school children, patients, and elders, there is a need to support them … Read More

Physische Erreichbarkeiten von Krankenhäusern in Subsahara Afrika – Analyse und Ergebnisse bei COVID-19 Symposium vorgestellt

Vom 06. bis zum 08. Juli fand das Online Symposiums “COVID-19 als Zäsur? Geographische Perspektiven auf Räume, Gesellschaften und Technologien in der Pandemie” statt. Teilnehmer aus Geographie, Medizin, Public health und meidizinischer Geographie diskutierten über drei Tage in sechs verschiedenen … Read More

meinGrün Schnitzeljagd in Heidelberg gestartet

Wo befindet sich dieser Spielplatz in Heidelberg? Wie komme ich zum nächst gelegenden Park und das möglichst auf einer Route mit viel Grün oder wenig Lärm? Wer das herausfinden möchte, sollte an der meinGrün Schnitzeljagd teilnehmen. Nachdem die Schnitzeljagd in … Read More

HeiGIT gGmbH is One Year Old Today!

Today (1st July 2020) marks the first birthday of HeiGIT gGmbH! Over this first year, HeiGIT has been involved a large number of events, projects, publications, and press coverage. Founded on the 1st July 2019, HeiGIT is a non-for-profit organisation … Read More

Exploring OSM for healthcare access analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa

Using hospital locations and the ORS Isochrone service, we have created a method for comparing physical access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hospital locations were derived from OpenStreetMap and compared against another free available dataset. Results indicate strong similarity in … Read More

Going green with MeinGrün – Today App launch in Heidelberg and Dresden

Today the time has come: The “meinGrün” web app for Dresden and Heidelberg is officially launched. With the mobile application you can (re-)discover known and unknown green spaces and find a pleasant route to those. Users can learn about the … Read More

Data Journalism WebApp about Accessibility in Sweden according to Corona Travel Recommendations

Sveriges Television AB (the public Swedish television company) has published a data journalism WebApp showing how far one can travel according to the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Authority. Of course the safest recommendation is not to travel at … Read More

Mit „meinGrün“ ins Grüne – Projekt startet WebApp in Heidelberg und Dresden

Am 19. Juni ist es soweit: Die „meinGrün“-WebApp für Dresden und Heidelberg geht offiziell an den Start. Mit der mobilen Anwendung lassen sich bekannte und unbekannte Grünflächen und der Weg dorthin neu entdecken. Per virtueller Schnitzeljagd können Nutzerinnen und Nutzer … Read More

Advanced time-dependent routing soon available in Openrouteservice

We are thrilled to give you a sneak peak into routing with time-dependent road restrictions, the outcome of our collaboration with GraphHopper GmbH in the research project TARDUR supported by the mFUND initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport and … Read More

Quota for Openrouteservice multi vehicle optimization increased to support logistics during Corona crisis

Supplying medicine and food is critical not only in disasters. Due to increased global demand due to COVIDー19 HeiGIT increased the API quota for the Openrouteservice multi vehicle route optimization endpoint! Now you can send up to 500 requests per … Read More

Openrouteservice Maps – Alternative routes, roundtrips and more …

While naturally all of our features are already accessible via the openrouteservice API, we have now made some of the newer routing features accessible in our Maps Client on Alternative routes We all know that getting second opinions or … Read More