13th International Symposium on Digital Earth

From 11th until 14th July 2023 the 13th International Symposium on Digital Earth took place at Athens Greece Harokopio University. As a member of the International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE) Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf was invited to deliver a speech at one of the ISDE sessions.


ISDE is an international organization principally promoting academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. During this years conference Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf talked on 11th of July at the session “GeoAI transfer learning, interoperability and technology transition”. He discussed the topic together with Emeritus Professor Mike Goodchild from the U.C. Santa Barbara, Prof. May Yuan from the University of Texas, Dr. Budhu L Bhaduri from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dr. Kevin Dobbs from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and Lokendra Chauhan, the Founder and CEO of Qen Labs, Inc.
Key takeways concerned among others the importance of knowledge-guided machine-learning models that ensure that GeoAIs build upon the existing scientifc knowledge and do not have to learn everything from start. These models and precise adjustments will alowe to create task-specific geospatial models to deal with spatiotemporal heterogeneity.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this fruitful and inspiring exchange!

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