HeiGIT at the US State of the Map Conference (June 2023)

State of the Map US 2023, a conference all about OSM where mappers, businesses, government agencies, and non profits come together to exchange ideas, learn, and work together on OSM related topics, took place from June 8th to June 12th this year.

For the first time, HeiGIT also took part in the conference, giving several talks presenting HeiGIT’s platforms and services to US OSM enthusiasts as well as running a workshop to introduce the new version of the Sketch Map Tool to a wider audience.



On Friday, June 9th, Marcel Reinmuth gave a lightning talk about “Tracking OSM History and quality with ohsome Stack”. In this talk he provided an overview of the ohsome stack, an innovative software platform that makes the rich history of OSM accessible to everyone. He also showcased how it can support a variety of use cases by allowing users to analyze and visualize OSM data over time and estimate completeness and currentness with both intrinsic and extrinsic methods via its user-friendly web interfaces, API support, and additional services built on top of ohsome.

Find the slides here.


Also on Friday, June 9th, Marcel Reinmuth and Charles Hatfield ran a workshop on the topic “Sketch Map Tool: Participatory mapping in OpenStreetMap and beyond”. In this workshop they presented the Sketch Map Tool, a user-friendly tool that automatically recognizes scanned annotated maps and allows users to export their data to common formats, thereby accelerating the digitization process and extending participatory mapping methods. Using three different scenarios, the participants learned about sketchmap use cases and how the tool works.

Find the workshop materials (self-learning ready!) here.

On the following Saturday, June 10th, Marcel Reinmuth then led another lightning talk “From A to B and Beyond: Discovering the Potential of openrouteservice”. In this talk Marcel explained the core functions and services of openrouteservice, HeiGIT’s platform for routing and optimization based on the OSM database. He also demonstrated how the platform can be used to solve a wide range of routing problems for different applications, such as simple A-to-B routing, catchment analysis via isochrones, and complex optimization problems.

Find the slides here.

Overall, the team greatly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the US OSM community during these instructive days of scientific collaboration and look forward to the next State of the Map conference! Follow our social media channels and stay up to date on our blog for upcoming mapping, conference, and geography content!

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