HeiGIT participation at HOT Summit 2021

Also this year HeiGIT is participating at the HOT summit with the topic of “The Evolution of Local Humanitarian Open Mapping Ecosystems: Understanding Community, Collaboration, and Contribution”. Again the conference will be virtual and is organized in three blocks across several time zones to allow global participation.

Benjamin Herfort from HeiGIT will give a talk about MapSwipe and how the app can be used to go beyond mapping buildings. In the talk he will show examples where MapSwipe has been used to map damage or solid waste. Furthermore, he will briefly show ongoing work funded by American Red Cross to introduce ‘building footprint review’ projects in MapSwipe. This project type will be applied to investigate the quality of OpenStreetMap building footprints mapped through the HOT Tasking Manager. If you want to know how MapSwipe has started back in 2016, check our talk at HOT summit 2016 on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRZ_mWn0Lmc&t=1118s

Sami Petricola will give a lightning talk about his internship work at HeiGIT. He will present a method to assess the impact of floods disaster on road network criticality in accessing healthcare for the case of cyclone Idai in Mozambique in March 2019. The analysis provides an indicator of network criticality to be used in risk preparedness/mitigation by prioritizing the focus on the road segments ensuring the physical access to facilities.

Figure 1: MapSwipe Damage Mapping Results

It’s our 6th consecutive HOT summit. You can find out more about our past contributions here:

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