HeiGIT Team Shortlisted for Open Source Software for SDG (OSS4SDG) Challenge- Live Awards Ceremony December 7

Photo from event organizers @EU_DIGIT This week, HeiGIT is on the edge of our seats. Last month, a team at HeiGIT participated in the Open Source Software for SDG (OSS4SDG) Challenge organized by the United Nations Office of Information and … Read More

Towards climate neutral science: the Pledge4Future CO2e emission calculator

Under pressure from the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in spring 2021, the German government has amended its climate targets. The new coalition also wants to stick to these and pursue the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. … Read More

Participate in the virtual Copernikus Hackathon 16-17-18 October! HeiGIT contributes with OSM based services

On October 16-18 there is the Copernicus Hackathon “Barcelona” – Integrating Copernicus services and state-of-the-art tools within Weather-induced emergency management HeiGIT is involved in the Copernicus Hackathon by providing free and open web-based services and APIs which leverage OpenStreetMap data … Read More

Winner of the 2019 Climathon Heidelberg

Over the last few days, Heidelberg’s first climathon event took place at EMBL, which was part of the global Climathon. The event ran from 25th-27th October 2019 with a 24 hour hackathon taking place on the 26th-27th. During the 24 … Read More