Version 1.0 of the ohsome quality API and ohsome dashboard

At HeiGIT and in particular within the ohsome team, we strive to provide valuable insights into OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. The ohsome API offers aggregated statistics on the evolution of OSM elements since 2020. These are made easily accessible by the … Read More

Taginfo goes ohsome

Did you know that the OpenStreetMap (OSM) taginfo site now lets you access the ohsome dashboard? This allows you to gain refined insights into the usage stats of specific keys and tags. Taginfo is the main source for statistics about … Read More

Integration of OQT into the ohsome dashboard: Computing data quality metrics for OpenStreetMap

The ohsome dashboard has been and continues to be an easy access point to generate accurate statistics about the historical development of OpenStreetMap data for arbitrary regions. Now, the ohsome dashboard got extended to be able to compute data quality … Read More

Neu: Globale OSM History Analysen mit ohsomeHeX v1.0

Erhalten Sie mit ohsomeHeX wertvolle Einblicke in die Qualität und den Entwicklungsprozess von OpenStreetMap-Daten! (see for english version here) Das HeiGIT Big Data Team freut sich zur Exploration der Veränderungen der globalen Daten in OpenStreetMap nun eine Version 1.0 von … Read More

Explore the ohsome OSM History of whole Germany

Our new ohsome dashboard is another preview on what is and will be possible with our ohsome OpenStreetMap history analytics platform. Behind the scenes, we added support for the Apache Ignite big data framework and deployed an instance using the … Read More