GeoAI4Water 2 Applies Deep Learning to Detect Critical Infrastructure for Disaster Planning

Context During natural disasters and other catastrophic events, quickly identifying and distributing resources is essential. Even a brief delay in evacuating residents or sourcing water can significantly hamper relief efforts and prevent effective disaster management. The HeiGIT and GIScience teams … Read More

HeiGIT/GIScience @ State of the Map 2021

Like in 2020, this year’s State of the Map (SotM) is taking place online this week from tomorrow 2021-07-09 to 2021-07-11, starting at 12:00 (CEST) each day. This year, HeiGIT is a bronze sponsor. In addition, there are a total … Read More

Automatic building detection with ohsome2label and Tensorflow

Accurate and complete geographic data of human settlement is crucial for humanitarian aid and disaster response. OpenStreetMap (OSM) can serve as a valuable source, especially for global south countries where buildings are largely unmapped. In a previous blog, we introduced … Read More