Our Contribution to the State of the Map Europe 2024 Conference in Łódź

This year, two of our colleagues will participate at the State of the Map Europe 2024 Conference, which will take place from July 18-21, 2024, in Łódź, Poland. The annual event is a cornerstone for the European (OpenStreetMap) OSM community, … Read More

The new MapSwipe Web App is here!

No matter where you are or which device you are using, you can now do voluntary work and make a difference, all from your browser with MapSwipe Web App! Since 2015, MapSwipe has harnessed the collective force of volunteers to … Read More

ohsome Quality API: New Features

Are you ready to take your OpenStreetMap (OSM) data analysis to the next level? We’re excited to showcase the latest features of our ohsome Dashboard, designed to provide you with insights into OSM data quality. With the ohsome Dashboard, analyzing … Read More

GeoNight Mapathon

Our next Mapathon is just around the corner, and this time, we’re joining forces with OpenStreetMap Ghana to improve coverage and to help disaster risk assessment. Join us and be a part of the GeoNight 2024 to celebrate geography together in … Read More

Empowering Change: OpenRouteService in Geospatial Initiatives for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Development

The use of open-source geospatial data, exemplified by services like openrouteservice (ORS), proves to be beneficial for both academic research and use case studies. Witnessing our technologies applied in unanticipated ways showcases their potential to meet the evolving needs of … Read More

IDEAL-VGI: Analyzing and Improving the Quality and Fitness for Purpose of OpenStreetMap as Labels in Remote Sensing Applications

We are happy to announce that the IDEAL-VGI project by GIScience has been successfully completed. IDEAL-VGI was a tandem project in cooperation with Begüm Demir from the TU Berlin and was conducted under the umbrella of the VGIscience Second Phase … Read More

Analyzing the Changesets of OSM Newcomers

A new rate limit is introduced The OpenStreetMap (OSM) API recently introduced a rate limit, which is designed to limit the impact of a particular kind of map vandalism: new users signing up and mass editing OSM data, e.g. by … Read More

Spotlight on HeiGIT’s FOSSGIS 2024 Presentations

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news – our colleagues Julian Psotta and Benjamin Herfort are set to deliver talks at FOSSGIS 2024 in Hamburg, Germany! Julian Psotta will be presenting the openrouteservice project together with the Federal Agency for … Read More

Introducing OhsomeNowStats

Today, we’d like to shine a light on the online tool OhsomeNowStats. OhsomeNowStats allows users to take a look at the mapping activity in OpenStreetMap. This is especially useful for humanitarian organizations and mapathon organizers, because OhsomeNowStats data is updated … Read More

The Year 2023 at HeiGIT

As 2023 is coming to an end, we would like to take the opportunity to look back at this eventful year and appreciate the advance that HeiGIT has made towards its goal of enabling and improving the transfer of knowledge … Read More

Analysis of Humanitarian OSM Stats: User activity through HOT-TM and contributing organizations

Introduction In this blogpost we are taking a look at humanitarian mapping through the Tasking Manager (HOT-TM) that is operated by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). At HeiGIT we work together with HOT to provide analyses and statistics to further … Read More

Successful PhD Defense by Christina Ludwig on Mapping Urban Green Spaces using OSM and Satellite Imagery

We would like to congratulate Dr. Christina Ludwig on successfully defending her PhD on how to map urban green spaces using OpenStreetMap (OSM) data last month. In her thesis Christina first analyzed how urban green spaces are mapped in OSM … Read More

State of the Map Africa 2023

This year’s State of the Map Africa will kick off today. Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, is hosting a three-day conference with an emphasis on OpenStreetMap in Africa as a growing network and as a part of global OSM structures. To enable exchange … Read More

HeiGIT at State of the Map Europe 2023

This year’s State of the Map Europe Conference (SotM EU) took place in Antwerp, Belgium. HeiGIT’s Benjamin Herfort and Jochen Stier visited the conference. SotM is a platform hosting OSM mappers, open-source developers, researchers, GIS professionals, cartographs and many more … Read More

Exploring the Value of Microsoft ML Roads for OSM Data Quality Analysis

The completeness of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) road network has been an ongoing focus for researchers for more than 15 years. For instance, Neis et al. (2011) investigated the OSM street network evolution in Germany and compared it against road data … Read More

SketchMapTool Enters Next Phase with Funding from German Red Cross and German Federal Foreign Office

The Sketch Map Tool (SMT) is entering its next project phase thanks to support from the German Red Cross (GRC) and the German Federal Foreign Office. In this phase, our main goals are enhancing the tool’s stability and marking detection, … Read More

Expanding Disaster Management Capabilities with openrouteservice

In the context of disaster management, time is of the essence. Quick and accurate response can make all the difference in saving lives and mitigating damage. That’s why the openrouteservice (ORS) for Disaster Management is taking a step forward by … Read More

A Radio Report on HeiGITs Disaster Portal

Campus reporter Nils Birschmann spoke with Prof. Alexander Zipf about our Disaster Portal. The interview was broadcast on Radio Regenbogen.   You can listen to the full length of the article here (please note: the interview is only available in … Read More

Bachelor’s thesis: Using OSM for location analyses of residential real estate projects – an extrinsic analysis of data quality

In his bachelor’s thesis, supervised by HeiGIT’s apl. Prof. Dr. Sven Lautenbach, Lars Reckhaus examined the suitability of OpenStreetMap (OSM) for location analyses in the context of residential real estate projects. Typically, such analyses require the use of a variety … Read More

Introducing ohsomeNow stats: Real-Time Monitoring for OpenStreetMap Contributions

You can now monitor contributions to OpenStreetMap (OSM) in real time with ohsomeNow stats! We developed this new dashboard as part of our long-term cooperation with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), an international organization dedicated to humanitarian action and community … Read More