ORS Tools QGIS Plugin Release v1.7.0

Just in time for the new year, the openrouteservice team proudly announces the release of v1.7.0 of the ORS Tools QGIS plugin!

Quite a lot has happened. First, the GUI was reworked:

  • Manually created points can be saved into a list
  • Points can be drag-and-dropped in said list
  • Finally, we’ve taken care of the pesky blue lines

Next, there are a few other things that happened:

  • The plugin now comes with a shortcut <CTRL-R>
  • We’re getting closer to feature completion, now supporting location_type and smoothing parameters for isochrones

Check out the changelog if you’re interested in all the in-depth details.

Feedback and contributions are always welcome.

Stay tuned for the next updates, and as always,
Happy Routing!

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