Do you need a shady route because it is too hot?

IT IS HOT! So you are looking for a more shady pedestrian route through the urban jungle? You might then prefer some routes that go through public green spaces with trees and bushes. Thank goodness we are working already on such green and also shady routing together with some partners in the mFund project meinGrün. We have already some prototypes related to not only green routing preferring vegetated areas using OpenStreetMap data, but also on routes avoiding noise and preferring social activities. The dedicated “shady route” feature is still under development, unfortunately, but it will consider shade provided by trees (maybe as nice as these) and also high buildings. Stay tuned for this. Up to now we can offer some early “pleasant” routing prototypes related to green vegetation in general, noise and sociability. Hope you enjoy the detours. Stay cool!

Novack, T.; Wang, Z.; Zipf, A. (2018): A System for Generating Customized Pleasant Pedestrian Routes Based on OpenStreetMap Data. Sensors 2018, 18, 3794.

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