Announcing release 1.0 of ohsome API

Big news from the ohsome team: the release 1.0 of one of our major services, the ohsome API for ohsome OpenStreetMap History Analytics, is on the doorstep. We are bringing three major advancements along with this version. The first one is a completely new documentation of the API giving several examples to different endpoints. The second one is a new parameter called filter, which increases the flexibility of how you can get data for your specific needs. For each of these two topics, we will publish further blog posts in the near future to explain them in more detail.

The third one can be explained within a few words, but is in fact a very important one for us: To enlarge our open-source stack and fitting to our development philosophy at HeiGIT, we will move the code + development of the ohsome API from our internal GitLab instance to a public GitHub repository. The ohsome API will therefore join other public services and libraries from our open-source software portfolio like the OpenRouteService, or the OSHDB. Stay tuned for the aforementioned posts and of course, stay ohsome!

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