GIScience Postdoc/Senior Researcher Chance für OpenStreetMap Straßenqualitätsanalyse

Wenn Sie sich derzeit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt befinden oder jemanden kennen, der auf dem Arbeitsmarkt ist, sollten Sie sich dieses spannende neue Angebot unserer Partner bei GIScience ansehen. Das Angebot ist unten als Text enthalten. Sie sind daran interessiert, Methoden … Read More

OSMlanduse European Union validation effort EuroSDR conference 11/24/2020

During the EuroSDR workshop we will present our OSMlanduse product (earlier post) to the land use (LU) and land cover community (LC) and highlight class accuracies and a benchmark comparison towards existing national authoritative products. Accuracy estimated to be presented … Read More

OSMlanduse European Union validation effort

We launched a validation campaign of our new 10meter resolution OSMlanduse product for the member states of the European Union. Please contribute to the validation here. A technique where contributions are checked against each other is implemented to promote quality … Read More

Healthsites and HeiGIT establish partnership

The Global Healthsites Mapping Project (Healthsites) and the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology/ GIScience Research Group are happy to announce the now also formal cooperation. Last week, HeiGIT/ GISciences signed the Healthsites Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their strategic … Read More